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The civil engineering department is running Bachelor of engineering course since 2009 having the current intake of 120 seats and Post Graduate (M.E) program since 2012 with 18 seats.
The prime goal of the department is to bridge the gap between Rapidly expanding technology demands with innovation, research-based  by using  skilled/quality conscious approach to achieve an admirable grip in the academic field of civil engineering.
The branch imparts a wide range of technical education tracks starting from fundamentals to advanced methodologies of civil engineering field. It offers bright and promising career opportunities and professional advancement.
The department of Civil Engineering ensures that the students have the opportunity to work with latest technologies and equipment along with innovative thinking and to get exposed to prevailing civil engineering projects on the field as well as in industries.

Message from Head of Department

Head of DepartmentCivil engineering is a "People serving profession". Civil engineering is considered to be one of the most versatile and  oldest engineering discipline. It deals with the built environment and can be dated to the first time someone placed a shelter and roof over his or her head. The future strength of the civil engineering profession will come from an engineering workforce that mirrors the population it serves. The Civil Engineering Program at S. N. Patel Institute provides students with a broad educational background essential to modern civil engineering practice and research.

Here our goal is to trainee technocrats in such a way that they can apply their engineering knowledge for the development of Nation. Our well-qualified faculties, well-equipped laboratories, time to time arrangements of field visit and expert talks help students understanding and thinking abilities for accuracy. One key factor that defines a successful civil engineer is the ability to plan down and implement to the tiniest detail with accuracy.

Dr. Nisha P. Soni



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