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About Library

The Institute has developed a modern Library which is a repository of periodicals, national and international journals, working papers and dissertations. It also caters to a number of online databases.

The library of SNPIT & RC is quite modern and tech savvy that started functioning right from the time of inception of the Institute.

The library maintains separate collection of Reference Books, Text Books, General books, Working Papers and other documents, whereas the non book collection consists of video cassettes, Compact Discs, etc. Faculty members are requested to make regular requisition of latest books to add value to the Knowledge Centre and equip the library with the latest collection of books. The library also has the latest collection of periodicals, magazines and newspapers. Journals are available both online as well as in printed volumes.

The Library is also equipped with the latest E-Resources (E-Books, E-Journals, and Data-base).The SOUL Library software which is nationwide recognized as well as RFID Library Management System is being used for the purpose of house-keeping of library activities and networking systems such as intranet, internet and Wi-Fi. The RFID technology makes the circulation of books easier as the end-users can do the ISSUE and RETURN through the KIOSK and DROP BOX machine respectively, along with the use of smart proximity cards. The entire Library is covered by CCTV.

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